Hi, I'm Dr. Aditi the OT.

I teach professionals how make MORE progress & SAVE time, using a simple chart & the science of fluency building.

“How do you know what to do and how do you know it is working?”

This is question, we as occupational therapists are expected to answer time and time again regardless of the therapeutic setting.  And understandably so. Parents, professionals, and administrators all want to know whether the interventions we are providing are actually making a difference.

This is exactly why evidence- based practice is so important.  However, studies show that while OTs are seeking out evidence based research, they are not effectively using evidence or data to guide decision-making in everyday practice.

"My mission is to provide low cost, valuable resources to help practitioners incorporate data-based decision making in any setting."

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Get instant access to an online resources and Professional Development courses uniquely designed to promote the use of data based decision- making in any setting.


Evidence-based practice made easy

Gain immediate access to an innovative collection of data- focused products i.e. themed worksheets, treatment plans & simple charts,  guaranteed to help you make data-based decisions & save time.


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Start collecting and analyzing data in a matter of minutes using an evidence based tool guaranteed to help you deliver better patient outcomes.


One chart, so many settings.

Each resource is linked to a blog post for step by step instructions on how to use the data oriented downloadable products. So, whether you work in Early Intervention or in Adult rehab.. it’s a same chart.  Learn it once and use it across multiple settings.

Has the lack of data collection left you feeling
frustrated and less confident in your practice?

"I know how you feel."

I am here to assure you that there is a very viable solution to your data collection dilemma.

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