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Live CEU Workshops - Professional Development

Dr. Aditi Mehra DHSc., OTR/L. has been creating and presenting professionally offering AOTA approved courses on the various relevant topics in OT in multiple formats: live webinars, pre-recorded courses & in person events. Her courses are designed to provide easy to implement strategies that are straightforward and practical.

A key feature of her workshops, is that they often include free digital resources and data collection strategies to not only promote date based decisions in everyday practice, but to provide practitioners strategies that can be implemented the very next day.

Dr. Aditi has presented locally and internationally at public, private settings, i.e. universities, professional development organizations, and various school affiliations.

Please note, all Live CEU Workshops are individually priced and not included in the subscriptions.

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Dr. Aditi’s presentations have consistently received overwhelming positive feedback from attendees, who often highlight how valuable and applicable the content is in everyday practice.

Dr Aditi Live CEU Workshops Testimonials

Select from a Variety of Relevant Topics in OT...

Please note: All Presentations are Updated with the Latest Research and have previously been approved by AOTA.

Fix Common Handwriting Challenges

Dr Aditi the OT Live CEU Workshops Fix Common Handwriting Challenges Title Screen

MINI-COURSE Description

An innovative approach to address the myriad of underlying issues that can impact handwriting performance, from the basics of pencil grip, letter formation, and pace; to addressing the sensory-motor mechanics required for handwriting success.

Upon completion of this course practitioners will be able to…

    1. Address the component skills necessary for handwriting & make 2X the progress.
    2. Create a treatment plan using fluency as a preparatory activity & simple data collection.
      … & more!

Journaling in OT

Dr Aditi the OT Live CEU Workshops Journaling in OT Title Screen

MINI-COURSE Description

This course incorporates the principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy in the form of Journaling prompts to address: emotional regulation, sensory regulation & coping skills. Practitioners may choose to apply these research-based strategies in clinical practice or to address their own mental well-being.

Upon completion of this course practitioners will be able to…

    1. Manage negativity thoughts & anxiety.
    2. Print out journaling prompts worksheets to be used the very next day.
      … & more!

Cultural Competency Redefined

Dr Aditi the OT Live CEU Workshops Cultural Competency Redefined Title Screen

MINI-COURSE Description

This course offers a new perspective on cultural competency. It offers valuable insight & strategies to combat microaggressions we may encounter as practitioners, but also provides resources to be more culturally sensitive in this every-changing cultural landscape.

Upon completion of this course practitioners will be able to…

    1. Identify each type of microaggression & its impact.
    2. Take home strategies to combat microaggressions.
      … & more!

Troubleshooting Telehealth

Dr Aditi the OT Live CEU Workshops Troubleshooting Telehealth Title Screen

MINI-COURSE Description

A case study format offering clinicians intervention strategies to address a myriad of conditions and behaviors often encountered when working with children on an online platform. Practitioners will learn how to problem solve real clinical scenarios related to EI, physical disabilities & fine motor delays.

Upon completion of this course practitioners will be able to…

    1. Identify effective synchronous and asynchronous strategies.
    2. Use evidence based solutions to commonly encountered challenges.
      … & more!

Using Mindfulness-Based Interventions in a Pediatric Setting

Dr Aditi the OT Live CEU Workshops OT New Sectret Power Mindfulness Interventions Title Screen

MINI-COURSE Description

Discover the power of Mindfulness to address anxiety, executive functioning and more. Practitioners will learn to promote social/emotional well being using a step by step processes in practicing Mindfulness for self-care. Take home effective and easy teaching strategies to teach Mindfulness to children using a multisenory approach.

Upon completion of this course practitioners will be able to…

    1. List the benefits of mindfulness interventions in rehabilitation.
    2. Use a multisensory approach to teach Mindfulness strategies to children.
      … & more!
Dr. Aditi the OT - Welcome Portrait

Dr. Aditi Mehra graduated with a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy, from Western Michigan University in 1998 and earned her Doctorate in Health Sciences from Midwestern University in 2016.

She has practiced as a pediatric OT for that past 20+yrs in various settings: Early Intervention, hand therapy, inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation and school-settings. During her Doctoral Studies, Dr. Mehra also pursued a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis to improve and enhance collaboration within multidisciplinary teams.

She has been a podcaster, a Precision Teacher and taught as an adjunct professor for Elmhurst University in Illinois.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Aditi’s “Show me the Data” journey to becoming a Precision Teaching OT.