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Almost Home – The Role of OT in the NICU

Almost Home NICU course

Prematurity is a serious public health concern currently affecting 1 in 9 infants in the United States. This course provides a foundation of knowledge for therapists who may be interested in exploring the role of OT in the NICU.

Introduction to Charting Data in OT

Dr Aditi the OT Intro to Charting Title Screen

The fundamentals of using Precision Teaching in OT – this course includes examples of how to use measure SMART goals using this standardized, validated, visual charting system to enhance your clinical data based decision making skills. Welcome to the SCC charting system!

Fine Motor Skills Children are Missing & Desperately Need!

Dr Aditi the OT - Fine Motor Skills Video Title Screen

What is the impact of technology on fine motor skill development? In this episode we reveal the surprising evidence on the impact of technology on our fine motor skills AND how 2 simple activities can lessen the affect on children today.

Teach Handwriting 2x Faster with Auditory Reinforcement

Dr Aditi the OT Teach Handwriting 2x Faster with Auditory Reinforcement

TAGteach is an acoustic form of positive reinforcement that has been utilized to expedite the learning curve in gymnasts, medical students, golfers etc. Discover how this simple form of reinforcement can be applied to address handwriting goals faster in OT.

The Pediatric Hand Explained

Dr Aditi the OT The Pediatric Hand Explained Title Screen

Fine motor skills are essential for all aspects of a child’s life and often a key area of intervention for Pediatric OT. This course aims to provide the foundational knowledge of the pediatric hand development by creating a distinction between typical/atypical fine motor patterns and offering a valuable insight to the component skills required to optimize function.

Trauma-Informed Care in Occupational Therapy

Dr Aditi the OT Trauma informed Care in OT Course Title Screen

In this course, we will explore the significance of recognizing and addressing the complex impacts of trauma on both clients and practitioners, to not only tailor interventions that foster deeper therapeutic connections. Learn how to use evidence-based strategies rooted in trauma-informed principles to cultivate an empathetic foundation and navigate the complexities of trauma in practice.


Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics - FREE Until 2023

Dr Aditi the OT Code of Ethics in Occupational Therapy Course Title Screen

This two-hour overview of the OT ethics code helps practitioners manage everyday ethical responsibilities, using ethical decision-making models and case studies applying real life ethical issues. You will identify basic similarities and differences between ethics and morals, then differentiate between common ethical theories and behavior, as well as  interpret and apply the AOTA’s Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics.

More Courses Coming Soon!

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Future course topics will include handwriting, shoe-tying and much more!


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“The presenter is current and relevant in the content of the presentation. Her advocacy for OT’s use of charting in graphs to help in documentation is wise, plus she gives helpful samples/examples.”

“Dr. Mehra’s upbeat presentation and use of actual students with videos gave me strong understanding of what she was teaching.”

“Dr. Aditi is an innovator and is helping to propel our profession towards best practices — track it to hack it!”

“Such a great continuing Ed video! I loved listening to your podcast on my way to work in the morning. Please keep sharing all of your knowledge!”

“Clear, concise information that I can implement with my clients immediately!”


Are all these courses approved for AOTA CEUs ?

Most online CEUs courses offered on this site have individually been approved for AOTA for continuing education credits in the past, however, our organization is currently in the process of becoming an approved AOTA provider of continuing education.

Do these courses meet the NBCOT recertification requirements ?

Yes under the stipulation of being a third party entity under NBCOT guidelines.

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