1-1 Parent Training

$100 / hour

  • For parents and caregivers

  • 1-on-1 consultation training to create an individualized plan

  • Parent coaching

  • Home programs & homeschooling ideas.

  • Progress monitoring & next steps.

  • It’ s about providing the professional support you need to help your child succeed.

Professional Workshops

Determined by the number of your organization's participants and time involved

  • CEU opportunities for organization

  • Hands on training workshops.

  • Evidence based strategies to maximize client outcomes & save time

  • Data collection solutions for any setting.

  • It’s about being there as a professional mentor in the data- based decision making process.

1-1 Professional Training

$100 / hour

  • 1-on-1 consult for therapists & teachers.

  • Strategies to make 2X the progress

  • Implementing data based- decision making in everyday practice.

  • Problem solving clinical scenarios

  • It’s about providing support to therapists looking to make a bigger difference & save time in everyday practice.