The Big Misconception... Collecting Data is Hard!

Watch these short videos and see how simple it can be...

The good news is that we do not have to invent a new measurement system! There already exists a validated, evidence-based system that can be seamlessly implemented into everyday practice regardless of your professional affiliation.

The science is called Precision Teaching and the system or measurement tool used is called The Standard Celeration Chart (SCC).

My simple process comes out of tracking data in psychology. This Standard Celeration Chart is rooted in the principles of Behavioral Psychology discovered by BF Skinner and was originally introduced to teachers in the 1960’s to help them save time and track student progress more efficiently.  For instance, instead of spending 20 to 30 minutes on explaining a child’s performance level, the SCC enables us to visually display student progress in a matter of minutes.

Other professionals have also discovered the value of  the SCC and are now using it in everyday practice….

The SCC is an easy, efficient tool which can easily be incorporated into any OT practice.
Not only will it enable us to prove out our methods, maximize patient outcomes, it aims to bolster the credibility of OT interventions among insurance providers, federal agencies, and parents alike.

Are you ready to take data & showcase the value of our profession?


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