Motivating students to write when they are struggling with handwriting can be a painful task for any therapist/ educator. The reality is that when a student is not motivated, he/ she may just “go through the motions” or they may simply refuse……either way it can halt progress and leave both of you (teacher and learner) feeling hopeless.

So when I met Luca Canever, a Spec Ed. teacher from Italy and learned about how he successfully motivated his students using fairy tales… I was immediately intrigued. Acoustic reinforcement (TAGteach) is one of the most unique and interesting strategies Lucas showcases in this webinar.

TAGteach is an acoustic form of positive reinforcement that has been utilized to expedite the learning curve in gymnasts, medical students, golfers etc. Discover how this simple form of reinforcement can be applied to address handwriting goals faster in OT.


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