Why Measurement Matters ?

This course aims to help OTs meet the greatest shift in healthcare towards being more data-driven in everyday practice.  It offers a solution to the question every OT should be asking themselves… “How do I know what do to and how do I know it is working?” 

An experimental psychologist Carl Binder, recently stated the importance of measurement in a way that  should speak volumes to any clinician:

“A  clinician without measurement and a standard display is like a cardiologist without a stethoscope and a watch, or without a blood pressure monitor and a heart monitor.  Like a car driving in the dark with no headlights or speedometer.  Blind, or close to it.  Without the benefit of standard measurement and continuous feedback for adjusting procedures with sensitivity.  “It falls to clinical judgement.”

The statement above is exactly why this is topic is so important not only for the clients we serve, but also so we can hold our head up high as a profession committed to Evidence- based practice.  In this course you’ll learn how to use the fundamentals of using Precision Teaching to address the  current dilemma of limited data collection in OT and promote data driven decision making.

The course is designed in bite sized information with video instruction and real client examples of OT goals and data collection throughout.  Once you learn the steps to using the Charting system from the science of Precision Teaching…….. you will be able to make data based decisions in a matter of minutes, and apply it into practice immediately and effortlessly.

Instructor: Aditi Mehra, DHSc, OTR/L



Specific Content to be Covered Instructional Methodologies

(e.g., lecture, case study, discussion, demonstration)

2 Introduction :  How it all began… lecture
10 MODULE 1: There is a solution to the data dilemma in OT lecture, video demonstration
15 MODULE 2: Discover the best blue chart ever! lecture, video demonstration
21 MODULE 3: Parts of the Chart- It’s simpler than you think. lecture, video demonstration
14 MODULE 4: ‘Plot the Dot’ on the Standard Celeration Chart ( SCC)
7 MODULE 5: Teaching ADLs with data faster! lecture video demonstration
27 MODULE 6: How to take data for longer time periods lecture video demonstration
10 MODULE 7: How to figure out what to measure. lecture video demonstration
14 MODULE 8: Make 2X the progress & save time Discussion
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Lesson 1 - How It All Began...