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As you have probably already guessed... my passion is in rooted in teaching and designing courses. Over the years I have designed over 20+ courses on various specialized topics across the lifespan for various CEU organizations.

Below is a compilations of some of the more popular courses, so you can learn and earn PDUs for some of the hot topics in OT. To earn professional development for your NBCOT renewal complete the course on your schedule and then take a short quiz demonstrating you understood the content.

The quizzes are 10 questions long and when you pass, I will send you a downloadable certificate of completion. It is super simple! No traveling! No hotel costs! And no nights away from your family!

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Fine motor skills are essential for all aspects of a child’s life and often a key area of intervention for Pediatric OT. However, the multifaceted nature of the complexities in hand skill development can make it difficult to assess and design effective interventions for optimal success.

This 2 HOUR course aims to provide the foundational knowledge of the pediatric hand development by creating a distinction between typical/atypical fine motor patterns and offering a valuable insight to the component skills required to optimize function.


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Telehealth is becoming an increasingly used service delivery model in pediatric OT due to a myriad of reasons however; it does present some unique challenges when servicing the pediatric population.

This 2 HOUR course is a presentation of case studies offering clinicians an opportunity to strategize interventions and problem solve real clinical scenarios. Learn how to navigate pediatric interventions, challenging behaviors and offer parent coaching across a virtual platform.


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OTs are uniquely qualified to work with children in the NICU given their strong educational foundation in mental health and specialized knowledge in neonatal care. This 2 HOUR course explores the multifaceted and holistic approach in this high risk setting to not only address medical factors and neurodevelopment, but also understand the interplay between nurture, nature and the premature sensory system.

Key areas covered: neonatal neurodevelopment, neuroprotective developmental care interventions, sensory differences, infant and parent mental health, assessments, common pathologies, appropriate feeding, positioning, pain management practices all based on evidence – based research.


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Dementia is one of the nation’s most expensive old-age health conditions impacting as many as 6 million people ages 65 and older, i.e. 1 in 10 older Adults. While many, OTs work with older people to address the functional implications of dementia, polls indicate a poor understanding of the varying types of dementia and its impact on occupational performance.

This 2 HOUR INTRODUCTORY COURSE aims to clarify these aspects by highlighting the signs, symptoms and stages of dementia so therapists have a strong starting point for intervention. With a greater understanding of the different types of Dementia, therapists will find it easier to navigate the performance areas to be addressed and will be able to design interventions with confidence.


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