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Introduction to Charting Data in OT Assignment

Complete the following quiz by selecting the appropriate answers.

1. What of the following statements is true about the using the Standard Celeration Chart ? (Objective 2)


2. What are the steps involved in using the Science of Precision teaching to take data? (Objective 2)


3. Which of the following are true about the parts of the chart? (Objective 1)


4. Sara is working on a shoe tying goal and has decided to take data on 1 minute timings. Her client scores 3 correct responses and 2 incorrect responses in 1 minute. How would you calculate what to plot on the SCC chart? (Objective 3)


5. The Standard Celeration chart is a measurement tool which is standardized and once you understand the system, it can be used to measure performance in a variety of settings. True/ False (Objective 1)


6. For clients who have poor endurance, therapists may choose to implement shorter timings. If your client scored 8 correct responses in a 15 second timing, where would you plot this dot on the SCC chart? (Objective 3)


7. Which of the following OT therapeutic goals can be analyzed and tracked using the Standard Celeration chart: (Objective 5)


8. You have a student who is able to format all the letters of the alphabet accurately, and his academic goal is now to copy a 6 word sentence with 80% legibility. What are examples of the type of observable/ measurable data you may collect and analyze using the Standard Celeration Chart? (Objective 5)


9. When creating a fluency based treatment plan for handwriting goals, when are some important considerations? (Objective 4)


10. What are some important things to consider when clinicians are new at taking data and charting on the SCC. ? (Objective 4)


11. The Standard Celeration Chart provides a visual display of the data which enables practitioners to do the following: (Objective 6)


12. What are the general steps to taking data when using the Standard Celeration Chart? (Objective 6)


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