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Almost Home - The Role of OT in the NICU QUIZ

This quiz has 18 questions, multiple choice.
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1. Which period of Fetal development during pregnancy is defined as a time-sensitive, irreversible point for the maturation and development of Neural structures? (Objective 1)


2. List 2 developmental milestones that occur during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. (Objective 1)


3. List 3 respiratory complications encountered by premature babies in the NICU? (Objective 7)


4. Which of the following are core measures of neuroprotective care #2 partnering with families? (Objective 2)


5. Beeping alarms, bright lights and unstable temperature are all factors of what type(s) of environment for a developing fetus? (Objective 6)



6. If a Therapist encourages the NICU team to wait until premature infant is awake to perform everyday tasks i.e. changing the diaper, feeding and other procedures, whenever possible. The therapist is addressing which core measure of the Neuroprotective Care model?  (Objective 2)


7. Which of the following is true when adapting the environment in the NICU? (Objective 6)


8. The parent of a NICU infant is insisting that their baby be bathed more frequently. What is considered the BEST practice for a therapist to consider in this situation? (Objective 2)


9. When are Sucrose and Skin to Skin to Skin contact strategies typically used in the NICU? (Objective 5)


10. Which of the following statements is FALSE about stress in the NICU? (Objective 4)


11. What are the components of the Synactive theory? (Objective 5)



12. Baby Sally in the NICU has no medical complications, however she does encounter some painful procedures during the day, so the NICU team always makes themselves available to assist and provide comfort during these procedures. What type of stress is Baby Sally likely to encounter? (Objective 4)


13. Which of the following are important considerations for Developmental Positioning in the NICU? (Objective 8)




14. Which of the following are true statements about a containment hold in the NICU? (Objective 8)






15. What are some common mistakes noted when positioning an infant in the NICU? (Objective 3)




16. During lateral positioning what are some important considerations? (Objective 3)






17. List 3 critical aspects of fetal maturation occurring during the last trimester of Fetal Development.


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